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WC is an online community for writers who are looking to get better at publishing long-form content online. Join us so you can share your early drafts, get meaningful feedback, learn techniques from best-selling authors and overall stay accountable with your habits.

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Writing long-form content is hard.

Just a burst of creativity might get you to a short blog post but producing long-form content (essays, 10,000 word articles, newsletters, e-books and physical books) takes consistency and good writing habits. Software developers have figured out producing sophisticated code by constantly sharing and iterating over time. We simply wondered why not writers?

WC is akin to IndieHackers but for writing where a creative like-minded community helps you accomplish your goals. Share your milestones, find accountability buddies, celebrate micro wins and publish long-form content consistently.

Tight Feedback Loops

Before attempting tedious writing tasks, test idea samples/outlines with an audience.

Weekly Standups

Take part in periodic check-ins with fellow writers and share updates & setbacks.

Publish Your Essays

Stay committed, be inspired by others' long-form writing and inspire others with yours.

"I love this concept and I am signed up. It's like agile for writing and as someone just starting a blog with a million ideas but not much validation for what to write next... this seems perfect."

- Dan Meehan

Greatness is not an impulse but an iterative loop.

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